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Hotfix bundle_Patch_52p2hf1_i3li.tar.gz for OSGD 5.2 is released

The patch is available at Oracle if requested in MOS


August,2015 p2 hotfix Patch Set Update

Find full details at Patch Set Updates for Secure Global Desktop 5.2 (Doc ID 2012596.1) in Oracle MOS


Prerequisites prior to installation

August,2015 PSU - SGD 52p2 must be already installed!



Update the OSGD Server

  • download PSU to /tmp
  • cd /tmp
  • /opt/tarantella/bin/tarantella patch add --file /tmp/bundle_Patch_52p2hf1_i3li.tar.gz


Bugs resolved by this patch

This hotfix that will change the start-up procedure of the SGD client component (tcc) to use Java's Web Start technology. This patch will still require client-side Java, but it is used in a way that is not impacted by Google's decision to drop NPAPI support within the Chrome browser. This hotfix is for latest Chrome browsers (version 45 and later)


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