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Theme: OSGD     Audience: Administrators, System Integrators    Requirements: OSGD 5.1, OSGD 5.2




By cloning the OSGD Server, the URL of the OSGD is not changed in the clone. having the same URL as the original OSGD in the array, the system crashes everytime the url of the clone server is called. After a OSGD restart everything works until the clone URL is called again.


Constellation after cloning


Original server

eth0 IP1 originalserver.domain.com
OSGD originalserver.domain.com

Clone server

eth0 IP2 cloneserver.domain.com
OSGD originalserver.domain.com




This behaviour is for the name of the OSGD remains unchanged after the cloning. Everytime the OSGD clone URL is called it tries to call originalserver.domain.com. This does not work since this is the FQDN of the original server not the clone. Keep in mind to change the OSGD URL after the cloning aswell.

Therefore after cloning a server OSGD should be deinstalled and a new clean install of OSGD should be done to receive a working environment like:


Working constellation


Original server

eth0 IP1 server1.domain.com
OSGD server1.domain.com

Clone server

etho IP2 server2.domain.com
OSGD server2.domain.com


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