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OSGD5.1 / OSGD5.2 / OSGD supported browser




OSGD offers the possiblity to start an application by calling it with the browser directly.

This function is named "My Desktop". By using "My Desktop" you can pass over the OSGD workspace.




My Desktop enables users to log in and display a full screen desktop without displaying a




My Desktop Configuration

Step 1: In the SGD Admin Console create an application object called "My Desktop". This can be a x- or Windows


Step 2: Choose which application shall be called by "My Desktop". Use the Launch tab to configure the application.

Step 3: Assign an application server to "My Desktop"

Step 4: Assign the "My Desktop" application to an user

Step 5: Call "My Desktop" via browser with the URL "<SGD server>/sgd/mydesktop". Login with the users




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