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amitego engineering is currently the world’s only supplier of a client- and server- independent central solution for the digital visual logging of user activities as a film (session recording).

As our product VISULOX is based on OSGD, we have an extensive knowledge of OSGD, since we consistently continue to pursue further development. amitego engineering functions as a worldwide consultant for OSGD amitego engineering addresses and solves the complex requirements regarding remote access.
Our worldwide customers include banks, telecommunication providers, government agencies, service providers, etc.

An Eye on the Network or the Question of “What do we actually do?”

We usually give a brief example to explain this: an everyday incident, one that we are all familiar with. Imagine your TV is broken and you need a technician to repair it. You now have three options:

  • You can order a technician and wait at home until the TV is fixed.
    Not a great solution. After all, who wants to use up their holiday time on a broken TV?
  • You can allow the technician to enter your home on his own and hope that he will carry out his work properly and not rummage around in your personal belongings.
    Also not really a great idea. You can hope, but you won’t know for sure.
  • You can ask an “overseer” you trust not to leave the technician out of their sight.
    Even this solution can’t give you complete piece of mind.

You’re probably asking yourself now what this example has to do with amitego engineering. It’s quite simple – imagine we’re dealing with your data center instead of your home, the broken TV is a fault in your IT infrastructure and the TV technician is your IT service provider (internal, external, offshore).
As with most companies, your IT service providers probably carry out maintenance on your data center via remote access service.
This maintenance process is therefore convenient (no travel costs or need to call in technical specialists, etc.) but completely based on the principle of hope as a result. Or can you see, for example, what has actually been carried out? Do you know whether sensitive corporate information might have been looked at? No!

This is exactly where our solution comes in place. We show you every action of the IT service provider, documenting everything in words and images – ensuring that what has happened to others doesn’t happen to you. In the meantime, here are some things worth knowing and avoiding in relation to SOX and IT compliance (link to the glossary), through our centrally-implemented solution!


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