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To serve better readability and a common understanding, a few notes on usage:

altPrivileged users (pUser) are all staff and administrators in the company or at a job that expanded rights in the IT environment.
pUser use for its various activities, programs (applications). With these they are able to data in databases, services, platforms and network components in the cloud, data center, or to use only one server (Data Center) privileged.

Remote access to IT is always a MacPC, standard PC, client or job (workstation).


2FA Two Factor Authentication
3PA Third Party Authentication
AIP Client communication protocol from OSGD (Adaptive Internet Protocol)
Basel II Basel II stands for the whole proposed capital regulations of the Basler Ausschuss für Bankenaufsicht
CLI Command line interface
DMZ Demilitarized Zone (Perimeter Zone)
DSI Directory Service Integration
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
IAR Intelligent Array Routing
ICA Client Communication protocol from Citrix (Independent Computing Architecture)
ISP Independend Service Provider
OSGD Oracle Secure Global Desktop
PCIDSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
pUser Privileged user
RDP Client communication protocol from Microsoft (Remote Desktop Protocol)
RVA Remote Vendor Access
SBC Server Based Computing
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act
TAP Temporary Access Pin
TCC Tarantella Client Connector- OSGD platform specific binary for application presentation
VNC Client communication protocol from VNC,tighyVnc and others (Virtual Network Computing)


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