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The first step to Revision security is the use of server-based computing (SBC). This, on the one hand, separates the pUser from the data center, as well as on the other hand, achieves the independence of a pUser from an individual workstation. The pUser thereby accesses information from the data center via the Internet. This can principally be executed over any internet-or intranet-enabled
workstation, regardless of its location. The pUser will as such “be brought” to the data, which remains protected in the data center and cannot be transferred to the workstation of the pUser.
OSGD Schematisch Klein

altOSGD forms the virtual gateway to the data center. The pUser only has access to data and applications that come through this gateway. After authentication, the pUser receives a list of applications that have been assigned to the user.

OSGD is physically and logically between the communication of the workstation and the data center. There are no modifications required to be made on the workstations or in the data center since OSGD provides a server-based X11 server. The special feature of the SBC-model from OSGD is characterized by the fact that the platform, protocol and workstation are independent. The pUsers on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac workstations thus gain access over the data center to Unix, Windows, Mainframe or other Network Applications.

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