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The pUser accesses the necessary applications and data via Intranet or Internet. In this communication, OSGD is interposed as a service and separates the communication into two zones:

  • Access zone and application zone.

The pUser gains access to the system from the access zone, access to the applications is gained from the application zone. Through this meeting in a controlled area, the dilemma whereby neither the pUser can gain access to the data nor the data transferred to the pUser is solved.

Through an OSGD gateway, security is enhanced by a further step, creating three security zones:

  • Workstation – Gateway
  • Gateway – OSGD
  • OSGD – Application

The client traffic that is terminated at the gateway is thus delegated over other communication channels in the Access Zone and then ends up in the OSGD system.

From a security relevant perspective, this means that the access interface from the view of the client is not the OSGD server but the gateway. An uncontrolled physical access of the application by the client is hereby no longer possible.

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