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The client of the pUser communicates with the OSGD environment on the basis of HTTPS.

The requirement is a browser as well as JAVA. During the connection, a platform-specific component is loaded, which works as a presentation engine (TCC).

The communication ends at the OSGD proxy, which can distinguish between HTTPS traffic and tunneled presentation traffic (AIP). The HTTPS traffic is routed over the OSGD Apache / Tomcat Sever, the presentation traffic (AIP) to the OSGD itself.

Through this technique a protocol separation between the client and the application is created, since regardless of which application protocol (SSH, Telnet, X11, RDP, ICA) is used, HTTPS is always used to address the Client. This is the logical protocol separation.

Since the OSGD traffic does not extend to the application server, the logical protocol separation is also complemented by a physical protocol separation. Incoming client traffic and outbound application traffic can be routed over different network segments / network cards.

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