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altOSGD identifies two types of user repository: Services known to the System and all others.
Known Services: UNIX / PAM, LDAP / Active Directory and SecureID. Depending on the version of the known service, OSGD also masters the password change procedure in its login process.
 Multiple user repositories can be configured In OSGD. Login data (username, password) is then sequentially queried by all repositories.
 OSGD includes a SecureID connector for RSA tokens. OSGD is thus able to send user name, PIN and token to an ACE server for review.
 In addition with Visulox, one can extend the OSGD login interface by a two-factor authentication without hardware tokens. More on this under Visulox 2FA.
 All other user repositories are referred to as Third Party Authentication (3PA). Through the integration of Third Party Access Modules the OSGD Apache Web server assumes the authentication task and forwards the authenticated remote user.

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