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The various components of Visulox and OSGD offer many different solutions for different tasks. What follows are some examples that are already operating successfully.

Remote Vendor Access

This is the classic application field of OSGD and VISULOX. Companies want a controlled, transparent access point for all their external service providers. A solution for all, rather than individual solutions per external service provider.

Network interconnection

Access is usually somewhat complicated when a backup or shadow Data center uses identical network addresses, or if there are even replicated network infrastructures. The use of the OSGD solution as a link can be useful.
A VISULOX environment is set-up for each transition. The users thereby access the respective other network over it. Files can also be exchanged through the File Transfer module.

High Secure Internet Access

Since Web 2.0, the Internet is no longer read only. Information is managed on Web pages; multimedia e-mail creates an almost uncontrollable communication with the Internet. Through the upstream switching of OSGD and VISULOX a security solution is created. Malicious code from web pages is no longer executed on a local workstation, but in a controlled browser environment in the VISULOX environment. This solution can also be easily used to control who can use the Internet and when. The administrative advantage is that only the browser in the Visulox environment must be maintained.

Service Provider

Service providers have a responsibility to provide evidence for actions carried out on the equipment of the customer. Through the use of OSGD and VISULOX the service provider documents any data dialogue, be it interactions or file transfers, and the use can be easily reviewed at the request of the client. The solution is not only a tool for transparency, but also significantly distinguishes the service provider from his/her competitors.

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