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The security of data flow is increased with OSGD and the access of both internal as well as external pUsers is controlled (first stage of revision security).

The second stage of the revision security is attained through documentable monitoring – with VISULOX.

VISULOX documents each step that the pUser undertakes in the Data Center. These steps are recorded in the form of metadata and where necessary also as a film. In the event of an issue (e.g. data manipulation or theft) recorded data is capable of being retrieved at any time. VISULOX thus supports compliance with SOX, Basel II, HIPAA, PCIDSS or whichever IT compliance requirements your business is subject to.

The prerequisite for the use of Visulox is the installation and use the of OSGD.

By installing VISULOX, all of the functionality and the form of existing integrations of OSGD will remain unchanged. Visulox communicates with OSGD over the OSGD Webservice interface and registers each application start via SSH on VISULOX Service (VXS) respectively.

VISULOX is already being used worldwide in a variety of companies from various sectors (telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, government, service providers, etc.).

"Quick Install Guide"
to install VISULOX


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