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Various tasks make it necessary to bring professional, technical and organizational competences together and to grant them concurrent access to the same objects in the data center. This is made possible by the assisting function or managed cooperation.

OSGD maps each application internally in a frame buffer. This frame buffer is transferred over the AIP to the client. VISULOX cooperation splits this stream and passes it to further clients simultaneously. The access of an (external) pUser to a password-protected area can thus be enabled without revealing the access codes (hide your secrets).

VISULOX cooperation offers three different operation modes:

  • Interaction: each involved pUser can work on the data.
  • Observe: the invited pUser can only observe
  • Standby: the view is temporarily hidden from invited pUser.

Also, the method of the "real" four-eye-principle is supported: have a look at VISULOX - DualControl

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