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Regardless of whether VISULOX is installed on the same server as OSGD or on its own server, the following communication ports will be used by Visulox:

  • SSH, in order to distribute its status or else to collect data from another VISULOX system. A project specific SSH key is stored during the installation for this purpose.
  • HTTPS in order to gain knowledge of the status of the OSGD system from OSGD. The OSGD Webservice / SOAP interface is addressed.
  • If reports or films are requested by the user over the OSGD, these are routed over a VISULOX proxy service in OSGD using port 8080 to the VISULOX Checkout service.
  • The films and files of the File Transfer are stored on the VISULOX local hard disk. The metadata (user name, times, applications, tickets, etc.) are stored in the built in database.


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