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An OSGD server can be stand-alone or several servers can be grouped to an OSGD array. Whereby an OSGD array can also be distributed over several data centers.

The VISULOX services, on which the recorders run, have to provide their service for one or more OSGD servers.

The structure of OSGD and VISULOX is then derived from such a picture.

Stored in the VISULOX configuration is, how the system is designed and which VISULOX service is responsible for which area. This area is referred to as an OSGD group.






An OSGD array consists of four members. Two VISULOX systems provide their services to four OSGD servers.










An OSGD array consisting of four OSGD servers. VISULOX is installed on each OSGD server. Each VISULOX System offers its service to its OSGD server. The OSGD server can be equated with the group.







Two OSGD arrays, each with four OSGD servers represent independent access platforms, such as for internal pUsers and external pUsers. Three VISULOX systems can be spread. This allows the pUsers in OSGD array 1 to cooperate with pUsers in OSGD Array 2. In the VISULOX Management Console, all users both from OSGD array 1 as well as from OSGD array 2 can be seen.

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